Hello mes Voyageurs, mes Amies, mes Amis

Your loyalty goes straight to my heart. It is with great pleasure, supported by the fantastic Team of the Francis Décamps Concept, that I invite you to follow me for a new 2024 season.

Yes, here we go for a 3rd year of FanClub A Vous Mes Voyageurs. This year I want her even more beautiful and richer.

Starting with the Collector CD. It will be a logical continuation of the 1st album of the Francis Décamps Délirium. I will reveal more soon.

I also give you an appointment with, among others, my Histoires de Fou. Ange is playing at Johnny Circus: a whole program !

See you soon. I count on you, we count on you.

Mille Merci Mes Amis Voyageurs !

Toute mon Amitié




Renew your membership or join us now and get all the following benefits :

  • A new Collector CD, Cuvée 2024. The possibility for new members to get the previous Collectors CD "Relax" and "Chut! .
  • Exclusive and reserved access to the area A Vous Mes Voyageurs !
  • 10% discount on the entire shop. Discount valid with each order throughout the 2024 season !
  • A special raffle: Every quarter, a draw will be made among the participants. The winner will be offered a 25% discount voucher valid on the Helloasso online store. 1st draw in early January! Increase your chances by joining as soon as possible.


     Other surprises await you for this new season !


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at FanClub " A Vous Mes Voyageurs " and enjoy the trip throughout this 2024 season.

New member or not? We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a membership with option 2 or 3 CD Collector :

  • 2 Collectors membership with a choice of 1 CD 2023 "Chut" or 1 CD 2022 "Relax" at a special rate of 45€
  • Full Collectors membership with the 3 CD Collectors 2024, 2023 and 2022 at a special rate of 49€.

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